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Wieden+Kennedy, an independently owned advertising agency located in Shanghai, China is recruiting for a Digital Producer.  W+K was founded in 1982 and currently has 1,000+ employees working in Shanghai, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Portland and New York. Our client list includes some of the most-recognized and well-respected brands in the world. 
W+K创立于1982年, 至今在全球7个城市包括上海、东京、伦敦、阿姆斯特丹、圣保罗、波特兰和纽约建立了分公司, 其员工人数已达1000多人。我们所服务的客户包括很多在全球范围内得到广泛认知的著名品牌。

Digital Producer

Summary of Position:

W+K Shanghai is seeking a Digital Producer to join our team. We’re looking for someone who can not only do all the pre-requisite PM tasks such as writing SOWs, managing timelines, budgets, resources; but can also contribute to strategy and ideation through a broad perspective of Chinese internet and creative culture. Technical experience is not required, but this person should have a passion for all things digital and a great personality to match.
我们正在找一个互动制片加入我们。我们要找的人不只负责必要的项目管理工作比如编写SOW, 规划时间表、预算及相关资源; 还要对中国的互联网和创意文化有概念和思维能力。专业技术不是必须条件, 但这个人对互动相关的事物有热情并有较好的个性融入这个团队。

Key Responsibilities 主要工作内容:

  • Define project scope (goals, deliverables, schedule and budget) 制定项目范围(目标, 结果, 时间安排和预算)
  • Keep projects on track from kick-off to delivery through clear task lists, status reports and follow-up 确保项目的实施, 有明确的任务清单, 现状报告和后续跟进
  • Work with Traffic managers to manage internal creative team to evolve creative concepts into executable deliverables 和Traffic一起确保创意概念的实施
  • Work with Account managers to manage client expectations and clarify client needs to the internal team和客户部一起引导客户的期望值, 并确保内部团队清楚了解客户的要求。

Minimum Requirements 要求:

  • 2-4 yrs interactive production experience or a directly-related field 2-4年互动制作经验或相关领域
  • Experience managing internal teams through creative projects 有在创意项目中管理内部团队的经验
  • Experience managing clients on project scope and requirements 有在项目范围和要求上管理客户的经验
  • Bi-lingual (Must be able to coordinate with local production vendors) 双语(必须能够和本地的制作方协调能力)
  • Passion for Web & Technology 对网络和科技的热情
  • Excellent communication skills 非常好的沟通能力
  • Freelance is preferred, but we’re open to full time options freelancer 兼职是首选, 但也不排斥全职的机会

Digital Graphic Designer

Summary of Position:

Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai is looking for an experienced digital graphic designer, with a burning passion to concept and design for key digital platforms, including web, mobile, emerging media and whatever crazy new things come along.
He/she should have a love for design, culture and technology. And be excited about combining these passions to create exciting, original and rich interactive experiences in new, unexpected ways. We like curious people, so an experimental mind and “push-the-boundaries” mentality is a definite plus.
Wieden + Kennedy上海正在寻找一位经验丰富的互动平面设计师-从事创新和设计关键数字化平台, 包括网络设计, 移动, 新兴媒体和任何疯狂新事物, 对待工作充满热情。

他/她必须热爱设计, 文化和科技。对结合并创新新奇互动体验有自己独到的方式。我们喜欢好奇的人, 如果你有实践精神和不断“推陈出新”的心态, 我们将作优先考虑。

Required Skill Sets 专业要求

  • A Strong understanding of typography, color theory, design layout and interface design. Even more importantly, how all of that translates to the digital space.
    对排版, 色彩, 设计布局和界面设计有深入的理解。更重要的是能将这些应用转换到互动界面。
  • A fundamental understanding of technology in regards to your craft. You should know the basic uses and limitations of HTML, CSS, AJAX and Flash, particularly in terms of how they impact user interface and experience.
    熟悉使用HTML, CSS, AJAX和Flash并了解其对用户界面和体验的影响。
  • Expert, hands on knowledge of Interaction/Interface Design and software, including the following: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Fireworks and it’s a big  plus if you can use After Effects, Final Cut and Indesign.
    掌握运用互动作用/交互界面设计软件, 包括: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Fireworks 掌握After Effects, Final Cut and Indesign为佳
  • The ability to work quickly with minimum supervision. 在最少监督下独立熟练工作
  • The ability to work with others. 合作精神

Distinguishing Characteristics 特别要求

  • Experienced in systematic design as well as conceptual storytelling 在系统设计和故事架构方面经验丰富
  • Passionate about interactive design best practices and user-centered design 对互动设计充满激情, 设计主题能以用户为中心
  • Knowledge of how visual design and content influences the User Experience, and experience integrating UX documentation, comps and development 掌握视觉设计和内容制作对用户体验的影响和整合
  • Ability to design in English, Traditional and Simplified websites 能够设计英文, 繁体中文和简体中文网页

Primary Functions 主要职能

  • Brainstorm and generate ideas to develop digital products/solutions for clients 头脑风暴, 为客户开发数码产品/解决方案
  • Work off functional wireframes as visual counterpart to the UX designer to create original design concepts.工作过的对手, 作为视觉的UX设计师原创设计理念, 创造功能线框, 具备把Wireframe变成自创的视觉的能力
  • Develop pixel-perfect design comps, design specs, files and visual guidelines for hand-off to programming team 能给程序团队设计高像素组件, 设计稿还有视觉框架
  • Participate in visual design presentations to clients 参与客户会议, 演示视觉设计

Qualifications, Special Requirements 资历以及特殊要求

  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree 学士学位以上
  • 2+ years doing digital graphic design in digital production, advertising or a related field 2年以上互动制作, 广告或相关领域平面设计经验

Qualified candidates please e-mail cover letter, including salary requirements, and CV to shanghaijobs@wk.com. Please specify Job Title in the subject line of your e-mail and kindly specify these roles are from DamnDigital
如果你觉得自己是合适的人选, 请将您的求职信包括薪资要求和简历, 一并发送到shanghaijobs@wk.com

No phone calls, please. 我们不接受任何电话咨询。
We greatly appreciate your interest in W+K. 非常感谢您对W+K的关注。
Only those selected for the interview process will be contacted. 我们会严格挑选并联系合格的应聘者。

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