PR Manager

Job Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and manage the development and production of communications materials, proposals and presentation materials to ensure effective pursuit of PR goals & KPI
  • Supervise and coordinates work of the communications team
  • Leverage the content created for Knowledge Management activities with Corporate Communications
  • Oversees and writes or edits PR documents including press releases, Award Submissions
  • Documents all PR and Knowledge Work Flow Management and Processes
  • Assist in overseeing and writing/ translating speeches and white papers for senior management
  • Overseas production from draft creation through distribution of final communication material for internal and external parties
  • Participates in working groups to plan, coordinate and execute communications products and publications related to special events and programs
  • Help pull together content for marketing brochures
  • Help maintain, upload and manage entries and content for the Agency’s website, knowledge management system, weibo, wechat and blog
  • Collate, summarize, analyze and prepare all reporting across agency wide initiatives (Key internal and external surveys, monthly dashboards on our owned media plus Knowledge Management system) for distribution to core management team

Job Requirements:

  • 3+ years of communications experience with a strong history in Public Relations or Publishing (editor/ copywriters)
  • Good knowledge of PR principles, practices and techniques
  • Professional level skills in oral and written communications in both Chinese and English (stronger emphasis on Chinese writing skills) for press releases, case studies, award entries, content on website/ weibo/ blog and feature articles (across variety of audiences)
  • Strong editing and proofreading skills
  • Ability to translate complex or convoluted messaging into more easily comprehensible and succinct layman language
  • Able to foster effective relationships among the various internal and external stakeholders
  • Understands and translates internal working processes
  • Strong interpersonal skills to facilitate work with a wide range of individuals and groups from culturally diverse backgrounds
  • Organizational Relationships and Contacts
  • Contact within senior executives and management of DDB Group
  • Contact across key account management levels

Account Executive (CRM)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Main day-to-day client contact for execution of all marketing activities driving their business
  • Day-to-day liaison with internal team member (project management, creative etc) project development
  • Works with Account lead to ensure that projects are integrated, on-strategy and meet the client objective
  • Acts and thinks creatively and strategically, contributing to their team, but also owning their projects and integrating around ideas
  • Project manages proposal development cycles for account leads including scheduling, marshalling resources, creating presentations, and collect assets

Job Requirements:

  • Fresh graduates are welcomed
  • Strong facilitation/presentation skills, both in preparing materials required and in delivery. Excellent written skills
  • Demonstrates a strategic foundation and understanding of clients’ needs
  • Ability to write and speak Chinese and English
  • Solution-oriented, assertive and resilient.
  • Readiness for personal responsibility
  • Strong time management and communication skill

Interactive Designer


  1.  配合团队或能独立完成项目中的设计工作
  2. 参与从创意到执行产品周期的所有阶段
  3. 分析项目需求,规划设计方案,定义视觉概念和提取设计元素以推动项目完成


  1. 1年左右相关工作经验
  2. 专科以上,接受过系统正规的美术训练
  3. 有非常好的平面美术功底和创新意识
  4. 对 Photoshop, Illustrator和 InDesign等设计软件驾轻就熟
  5. 有设计精美的作品,并对细节有所苛求
  6. 性格好,工作认真踏实,善于沟通与合作



  1. 根据要求配合完成各种创意策划文案的写作;
  2. 配合上级、及Account工作,完成brief


  1. 语言学、广告学、新闻学等相关专业;
  2. 对社交网络、微博、微信有一定了解;
  3. 具有一定文字功底;
  4. 善于表达沟通;良好热情以及责任感;
  5. 有汽车经验者优先。


Job Responsibilities:

  • A strategic thinker: logical, proactive about formulating points of view, and backing them up with research.
  • Creative (understands concepts, thinks out-of-the-box), is interested in how ideas are communicated (is a PPT story-crafter)
  • A team-player (experience working in advertising or other high-intensity results-driven environment)
  • Informed about Chinese business, cultural, and socio-political trends
  • A thorough and conscientious knowledge-seeking Web-surfer
  • A good interviewer – has strong interpersonal skills, and is brave

Job Requirements:

  • 3+ years’ experiences as planner or senior planner with local clients experience
  • 4a experience prefer
  • Chinese national with proficiency in English


Pls send your CV to toptalent@ddbchinagroup.com (SH) . Kindly specify these roles are from 数英网DIGITALING.

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