Agenda取代Tribal DDB重新掌管百事数字营销业务

Pepsi 百事可乐

Campaign消息, 上海 – 互动代理公司安捷达上海从Tribal DDB手中赢回百事可乐数字营销业务。
SHANGHAI – Interactive agency Agenda is believed to have won back the Pepsi beverages digital account in China from Tribal DDB.

9月份进行的一场比稿中有四五家机构参与比稿而Tribal DDB未被邀请。
The pitch was called in September and four to five agencies were involved.Tribal DDB was not invited.

Tribal DDB上海曾在2009年1月赢得百事可乐数字营销业务, 其中包括百事可乐, 七喜, 美年达, 激浪, 纯果乐和佳得乐。
Tribal DDB Shanghai won the digital account for Pepsi beverage brands, including Pepsi, 7Up, Miranda, Mountain Dew, Tropicana and Gatorade, in January 2009, after a three-way pitch.

然后, 百事已经通过允许了安捷达一些基本的数字Campaign项目, 这就表明了与Tribal DDB合作应该不那么顺利了。
However, Pepsi had passed a number of its digital campaigns to Agenda on a project basis, indicating that its cooperation with Tribal DDB was not going smoothly.

Agenda was the digital agency behind Pepsi’s high-profile ‘Journey to the West’ campaign, launched in July.

Agenda has declined to make comments or confirmation.


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