Case Study: BMW M Tiger Edition Launch Campaign

完成M3 25周年限量珍藏版上市宣传, 为即将启动的BMW M传奇体验日造势。并借此提升BMW M品牌在中国市场上的品牌认知度。

根据BMW M品牌“终极驾驶机器”的产品性格, 确定“猛兽”的推广调性, 力图将新品的野性一面释放出来, 增强与消费者在情感层面的沟通。而活动本身打破了传统的营销策略, 通过系列悬念视频的发布及媒体资源的全方位互动, 充分调动大众的好奇心, 完成全民传播目的。根据创意需要, 活动共分4个推广阶段:

阶段一  德国纽伯格林惊先神秘猛兽
阶段二  神秘猛兽集装箱运往中国
阶段三  集装箱空降北京王府井, 神秘猛兽深夜出逃
阶段四  解密“集装箱猛兽”真实身份,  BMW M3 25周年限量珍藏版上市

前三阶段, 活动官方网站内容以悬念视频和真相倒计时牌构成, 网站及媒体宣传不提及任何有关BMW的品牌信息, 官方网站作为视频的第一发布平台, 连结所有媒体内容与互动。直到第四阶段, 新车型的相关信息才与解密视频同步上线。而随着BMW M3 25周年限量珍藏版的发布, 历时半个月的悬念“大片”终于尘埃落定, 为整个活动画上圆满句号。

回顾整个活动, “集装箱猛兽”推广在受众层面, 极大程度的唤醒大众的猎奇心理, 环环相扣的悬念、接连推出的视频, 为活动的展开提供了保障, 赚足眼球;在媒介层面, 通过网络媒体的使用及大众媒体的联动, 完成实时传播和大范围的舆论效应。作为我们对广告传播的一次探索与尝试, 该项目的成功, 对于所有参与者来讲, 都是一种激励与思考。

To complete M3 tiger limited edition launch. Prepare for the upcoming launch of the BMW M legend Experience Day. And to enhance the brand in the Chinese market, and the BMW M’s brand recognition.
Overall Concept:
According to BMW M brand under the “ultimate driving machine” product character, Determine the “beast” to promote coherence,
Trying to explore the wild-side of the new product, Enhance the emotional level with consumers in the communication, The event itself has broken the traditional marketing strategy , because the release of the videos are through a series of suspense and the full range of interactive media resources , Fully mobilize the curiosity of the public and Completion of the purpose of the National Communication.
According to creative needs, activities to promote divided into four stages:
First stage: A mysterious beast appears in Nürburgring Germany.
Second stage: Mysterious cargo box been shipped to china.
Third stage: Cargo box landed in Wangfujing Beijing, beast escaped during the night.
Fourth Stage: Decrypt true identity of the beast, M3 tiger edition launch
For the first three stages, Official Website used the countdown clock to discover the true secrete of video and composition, Website and media campaign does not mention any information about the brand BMW, official BMW site is the first platform to publish related videos and connect with all the media materials and interaction. Till the forth stage, the product information and decrypetion videos published on line together. With the press conference of M3 Tiger editon show, the campaign finally settled.
The whole campaign, “ beast in the cargo box” made a psychological wake-up public curiosity, the chain of suspense and videos, provided indemnity for the activities, and the success for the people involved, is a great encouragement and inspiration.

BMW M3 25 years limit Tiger edition online advertising network planning and implementation activities –”From green hell/ tiger edition launch”
BMW M3 25周年限量珍藏版上市系列网络活动策划及网络广告执行-“来自绿色地狱/ BMW M3限量珍藏版网站”
Client: BMW 中国
Brand: BMW M
Agency: Interone China
Launch Time: Aug.16.2010

Pre-launch phase.Building-up curiosity. 上市前造势- 引发公众兴趣。

Episode 1: a mystery container from Nurburgring.
Online banner + BBS + Video Sharing + SNS + Microblog
960,000 viewing at Youku within one week.
阶段1: 纽博格林发现神秘猛兽
传播渠道: 线上Banner / 论坛 / 视频分享 / 短信 / 微博
效果: 优酷视频一周960,000浏览量

Pre-launch phase.Create the buzz.
上市前造势-造就话题性, 引发关注效应

Episode 2: the arrvial.
阶段2: 神秘集装箱运抵中国

The buzz in the online world, even celebrities tweetes the arrvial of the container. 通过网络造就事件话题性, 扩大“集装箱”的“知名度”。

Container display in downtown Beijing. 线下线上联动-集装箱展出王府井

Publicity in both the traditional and online media. 传统媒体及新媒体联动, 为“集装箱猛兽”造势。

Pre-launch phase. Continue the hype.

Episode 3: the beast unleashed.
阶段3: 集装箱猛兽深夜出逃。

Launch phase. Amplify the voice.
上市- 强势推进新品上市

Episode 4: the unveil.
阶段四: 解密“集装箱猛兽”事件, 新品发布

Online communication. 线上互动

Product launch event. 公关活动配合

Advertising – creative media buy. 媒体购买, 传统广告出街


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