&c 电众数码广州获得安利数字媒体精准投放业务

Amway 安利

&c 电众数码

Source: Media.com,  广州 – 电众数码(&C) 的日前获得安利公司的数字媒体精准投放业务, 由其广州办公室负责。
Guangzhou – Digital agency &C has taken the ‘precise digital duties’ of Amway in China, according to an announcement on the direct sales company’s official tendering website. &C will manage the account via the Guangzhou office.

据了解, 共有三家公司参加了比稿。电众数码透露, 安利目前正在为媒体监控和购买寻找一套“科学全面”的办法。
Amyway’s decision comes after reviewing three other agencies.  &C confirmed that Amway is looking for a scientific and complete methodology on media monitoring, reviewing, and buying.

今年8月, 安利公司曾任命广州电众数码负责其家用电器品牌安利逸新空气净化器的数码业务。
The agency has been working with Amway for its Atmosphere air purifier brand, managing digital marketing solutions to boost brand awareness in China.

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