客户经理/资深客户经理-Account Manager/Senior Account Manager


  • Interact and manage relationship with key management and brand teams
  • Understand each brands key objectives and strategic roadmap deliveries
  • Strategic review, plan and consultancy for on-going projects
  • Understand and constant review internet trends/user behaviors and consult clients, partners and AGENDA team for best approaches
  • Create, review and manage all materials (proposals, quotation, timesheet, project documents)
  • Ensure all project delivery meet timeline, objective and KPI result
  • Team hiring, building and management
  • Be a good role model and leader to motivate team members
  • Be responsible to the enquires from director and clients
  • Learn and practice AGENDA account servicing methodology
  • Learn and practice AGENDA project management methodology
  • Relationship building and management with other AGENDA offices and Partners
  • Expand AGENDA’s business services


  • University Undergraduate is a must
  • Minimum 3 years of account management and/or management level in an online digital agency environment;
  • Understanding business and industry, identifying issues, providing suggestions and solutions;
  • Strong management, analytical, and problem solving skills;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and strong presentation in English and Mandarin abilities;
  • Strong organizational and time management skills

客户执行/资深客户执行-Account Executive/Senior Account Executive


  • Account service work: in charge of site project maintenance management and monitoring.
  • Assist account manager‘s work and maintain customer relationship.
  • Participate in social media planning and implementation, online media monitoring, Internet dynamic analysis
  • Other related works.


  • Digital account service experience, advertising, English, marketing or human related professional bachelor degree or above;
  • Familiar with the Internet, network media, network game, network promotion, mobile communication service is preferred;
  • Good command of written and spoken English, good taste, can be proficient in using Office software
  • Careful and meticulous, proactive, dedicated;
  • Good learning ability, communication and organization skill.

Associate Creative Director – Art Base

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Think conceptually and solve business problems presented by the client
  • Understand the marketing objectives and demonstrate an ability to deliver the “message”. Understanding of brand, product, digital media, and how people interact with each of them
  • Responsible for overseeing, inspiring and leading creative’s across a portfolio of brands.
  • Needn’t have spent whole career in digital, although digital experience is an obvious plus.
  • Assist in the recruitment and development of the creative team
  • Oversees the design process by meeting regularly with designers and Account Management to assess project development, review work product and determine whether project is on target and within the scope of the Creative Brief.
  • Act as a client liaison by presenting various stages of work product to the client
  • Acts as a mentor to departmental employees
  • Provides supervision and oversight to freelance staff
  • Must be able to work well under pressure and time constraints, must possess a strong detail-orientation and solid organizational skills, and must possess a strong team-orientation.

Personal skill requirement

  • Read and write Mandarin fluently, speak English fluently.
  • 7 years and above experience

美术指导/资深美术指导 – Art Director/Senior Art Director


To routinely conceptualize creative solutions that effectively communicate the strategic intent for each tactic within the assigned product(s).


  • Primary Responsibilities:  Art Direction/Graphic Design
  • Personally work on the graphic development of at least one product.
  • Interact with Copywriters to develop creative concepts and executions of assigned product(s).
  • Possess solid understanding of the science and market dynamics of assigned product(s).
  • Work closely with account executives to schedule and monitor all projects.
  • Provide accurate time and cost estimates for each tactic.
  • Perform miscellaneous tasks, as directed by Creative Director.

Secondary Responsibilities:  Client Relationships

  • Advise client on all technical visual recommendations and/or issues.
  • Help facilitate both the input and creative meetings.
  • Assist in making presentations to client.

Tertiary Responsibilities:  Staff Development

  • Provide detailed direction to designers.
  • Assist in the education and development of designers.


  • Comprehensive computer photo-retouching and image development skills.
  • Demonstrated complete understanding of:
  • Color theory and color relationships.
  • Perspective and space relationships.
  • Page composition and grid structures.

Demonstrated ability to:

  • Communicate thorough knowledge of assigned product(s).
  • Effectively handle multiple assignments at one time.
  • Manage challenging situations both internally and with the client.
  • Command respect of freelancers and designers and be able to effectively oversee their work.

数据分析经理/Analytics Manager


  • 3 years working experience and over 1 year experience in website analytics and optimization
  • Good understanding with internet technical and web ads placement knowledge
  • Familiar with tracking implement methodology
  • Familiar with web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Omniture, double click, and knows about web analytics metrics.
  • Familiar with excel and powerpoint
  • Good communication skills and is capable to deliver presentation to clients
  • Detail-oriented with passionate and aggressive attitude; with the ability to work efficiently on multitasks and under pressures
  • A hunger to learn and ability to flourish in a dynamic, high-growth, demanding working environment
  • Good in English communication



  1. 负责客户网络广告数据及网站数据分析,撰写和汇报分析报告;
  2. 为项目决策提供数据支持


  1. 大学专科以上学历,统计、市场研究、应用数学、计算机和数据挖掘相关专业优先;1年以上数据分析工作经验。
  2. 熟练应用EXCEL、Powerpoint
  3. 了解Google Analytics或其它同类型互联网分析工具和应用。
  4. 有一定的数据分析能力,善于从海量数据中总结规律;敏锐的观察力,可及时根据积累的数据发现潜在的问题,有互联网数据分析(电子商务公司或4A广告公司数据分析)背景者优先;
  5. 有沟通的能力,有较好的学习能力和学习意愿,能够积极主动的独立完成所交付的工作。
  6. 热爱互联网,有敬业精神,做事认真、细致,具有高度的责任心;
  7. 善于学习和借鉴国外先进的网站分析产品和理论,指导自身网站分析工作。有使用GA、Omniture、Webtrends、CoreMetics等国外分析工具经验者尤佳!



  1. 负责网站开发及运维;


  1. 大专及以上学历
  2. 一年以上PHP项目工作经验
  3. 精通PHP开发语言,至少熟悉1种PHP框架,了解各种主流PHP框架的特点。
  4. 熟悉LAMP/LNMP环境配置与管理,性能优化.
  5. 对互联网的技术有较全面理解,有应付大访问量下网站架构的设计和开发工作。
  6. 具有PHP缓存技术、静态化设计方面的经验。
  7. 为人处事积极乐观,面对技术挑战不退缩,主动承担任务不推脱
  8. 有良好的沟通和学习能力、有较强的团队协作能力以及快速解决问题的能力。



  1. 负责对各项目网站的制作和维护。


  1. 教育背景:全日制大专院校专科及以上学历,计算机相关专业;
  2. 工作经验:2年以上网页制作经验,1年以上大型网站网页制作工作经验。


  1. 基本的英语阅读能力。
  2. 精通HTML5,Javascript,CSS3,精通W3C标准,熟悉JQuery,JQuery Mobile等框架。
  3. 熟悉响应式布局。
  4. 熟悉各种浏览器兼容性问题,并能够找到解决办法。
  5. 有一定的SEO经验,能够根据SEO规范制作页面;
  6. 熟悉主流的Javascript插件,能够制作较复杂的的页面,特别是响应时布局的页面,并了解Ajax。
  7. 熟悉Javascript性能优化,并能熟练运用针对各种浏览器的调试工具。
  8. 能优化Web前端性能,了解业界的前端性能优化建议,并可在项目中实施;
  9. 对待代码的态度严谨,有良好的代码编写习惯;
  10. 熟练使用各类网页制作软件,能够与网页设计师以及程序员配合完成交互性的网页;
  11. 熟悉Google Maps,百度地图等接口者优先。
  12. 熟悉java,C#,PHP者优先。
  13. 有强烈的好奇心,对前端领域的新知识、新技术具有很强的学习能力和对新技术的追求精神;
  14. 勤奋敬业,善于沟通,具有团队合作精神,能够承受较大工作压力。



  1. 4A公司媒介执行经验、有良好的网络媒体、传统媒体关系
  2. 有IT、快消、金融、汽车方面的网络公关经验尤佳
  3. 发展并维持巩固的网络媒体关系及团队关系
  4. 沟通能力强,注重细节,有洞察力
  5. 能够承受较大的工作压力
  6. 英语口语熟练,有做Media Planner经验者优先


If you are interested in the opportunity at AGENDA/Wunderman, please check “Careers” site for job application http://www.wunderman.com.cn/  .


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