[V]Thoughtful China: 如何打造强大的网络视频

市场研究者Laurence Lim-Dally将在本周节目中解析分别由百事、尊尼获加和中国珠宝品牌麒麟这三大品牌所制作的四段影片,解释它们是怎样在打动中国消费者的同时,忠于其品牌形象与品牌信息。

来源: Thoughtful China


  • Andrew Lok,Civilization 创始人
  • Laurence Lim Dally,Cherry Blossoms 总经理
Market researcher Laurence Lim-Dally analyzes four films created by three brands — Pepsi, Johnnie Walker and the Chinese jewelry brand Qeelin — to explain how each one connects with Chinese consumers while remaining true to each brand’s identity and message.


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