[V]Thoughtful China: 让数据服务于您的品牌

在华市场营销者面临着极具挑战性的媒体环境、对责任感的更高要求以及放缓的经济增长速度,这些都给媒体策划增加了困难性。本周“Thoughtful中国”节目中,嘉宾主持曾德宇对话安客诚(Acxiom)亚太地区首席执行官Frederic Jouve,探讨市场营销者如何应对这些挑战。

来源: Thoughtful China


  • Acxiom 亚太区首席执行官,Frederic Jouve
  • Brandscreen 大中华区董事总经理,Clement Tsang
Marketers in China face a challenging media environment, greater demand for accountability and a slowing economic growth rate, all of which create headaches when it comes to media planning. This week on “Thoughtful China,” guest host Clement Tsang interviews Frederic Jouve, Managing Director for Asia-Pacific at Acxiom, to find out what marketers can do to solve these issues.


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