[V]Thoughtful China: 在中国创建运动品牌

本周“Thoughtful中国”邀请到中国运动服装行业的专家,阿迪达斯的Jens Meyer 。他对年轻人和社交媒体了如指掌,同时负责运动服装产业的趋势。与我们讨论关于全球运动品牌如何在这个市场建立自己的业务。

来源: Thoughtful China


  • VP Marketing Sport Performance Adidas, Jens Meyer
  • Senior Strategic Planner Nike Wieden+Kennedy,Rodion Yudasin
  • China Youthology,首席运营官,Kevin Lee
  • Mailman,公司客户群总监,Alison Au
  • 同济大学篮球队队员,Mei Jie

This week on “Thoughtful China,” experts on China’s sportswear industry like Jens Meyer at adidas as well as youth and social media experts examine the trends shaping that country’s sportswear industry and talk about what global sports brands are doing to build their business in this market.


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