[V]Thoughtful China: 利用明星进行市场营销

本周“Thoughtful中国”节目中,Adam Roseman, Andrew Collins, Elan Shou, Kevin Lee和Sirius Wang将与您分享在中国使用明星代言的风险与优势所在。同时,美剧“绿箭侠”男主角、好莱坞明星Stephen Amell将从明星的角度谈谈他对该问题的看法。

来源: Thoughtful China


  • China Branding Group 创始人兼CEO,Adam Roseman,
  • Mailman 首席长官,Andrew Collins,
  • Ruder Finn 中国区董事总经理兼高级副总裁,Elan Shou,
  • China Youthology 首席运营官,Kevin Lee
  • Millward Brown 创新总监,Sirius Wang,
  • 美剧“绿箭侠”男主角,好莱坞明星Stephen Amell
 This week on “Thoughtful China,” Adam Roseman, Andrew Collins, Elan Shou, Kevin Lee and Sirius Wang share insights about the risks and advantages associated with celebrity endorsements in China. Also, one of Hollywood’s leading men and the lead actor in “Arrow,” Stephen Amell, offers a celebrity’s point of view on this topic.


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