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Position Summary

The Business Leader is responsible for overall agency service and activities on one (or more) of our fast growing consumer goods client in China. This position deals primarily with upper and senior management client levels and takes a senior lead within the agency for inspiring, coordinating, and leading agency resources to meet the interactive marketing communications needs of accounts under his/her direction.
业务领导是在中国地区负责为我们一个或多个快速发展的客户提供服务和活动。这个职位主要是和客户中的高层管理人员沟通联系, 在公司中起到鼓励, 协调和领导各种资源去满足客户的互动市场营销传播的需求。

Role and Responsibility 角色与职责

• Function as primary liaison to senior clients on behalf of the agency with regard to the interactive marketing strategy and solutions.
• BL的职责就是以公司 的名义就互动营销策略和应对方案和客户中的高层联系。
• Develop and maintain strong business relationships. Build rapport at the most senior level of the client’s organization as possible.
• 开发并且维护业务往来关系。与客户中的高层尽可能的建立起密切的关系。
• Provide strategic leadership to both clients and agency in the planning and development of client marketing campaigns, brand direction (as related to the digital space) and related business development
• 为客户和公司 在规划和发展营销活动, 品牌方向(涉及互动领域)和业务开发方面, 提供战略性的指导。
• Help to identify growth opportunities and action plans for client’s marketing goals
• 在行销目标方面, 帮助 客户鉴别好的发展机会和行动方案。
• Development and set the marketing and related business KPI goals and measurements framework in conjunction with the relevant planning personnel 
• 发展和建立营销和相关业务的KPI目标和人员的框架结构。
• Oversee and monitor as appropriate the campaign execution and optimization of the various elements within the campaign/marketing assets developed for the client
• 适当的审查并监控提供给客户的营销方案的执行和各种资源的整合优化。
• Have complete command of client business issues to which they are assigned and provide key intelligence on business direction and agency role
• 完全掌控客户分配的业务, 提供业务方向和公司 的职责方面的主要策略。
• Interact with all agency department heads to clearly outline current and projected priorities on an ongoing basis for planning purposes
• 与公司 的各个部门的负责人密切合作, 明确现有的概况, 为将来的发展做规划。
• Financial planning, management and reporting of client business costs and revenue
• 财务策划, 管理和上报业务的支出和收入。
• Provide leadership, mentorship and growth opportunities to assigned staff according to the clients’ business requirements
• 基于客户的业务要求提供辅佐, 指导和抓紧发展时机。
• Senior lead when coordinating with other disciplines in support of client goals
• 为支持客户的目标, 领导并密切配合其他的实施方式。
• Plays a key strategic role in new business efforts, when needed
• 有需要的时候, 为新业务的发展提供战略指导。
• Responsible for ensuring that all aspects of agency work are of superior quality
• 确保所有的公司作品都具有良好的品质。

Role Requirements

• Graduate degree, post graduate in marketing
• 具有市场营销的研究生文凭。
• At least 8 years experience in a marketing discipline, preferably with both client side and agency experience
• 在市场营销领域有至少8年的经验, 最好有客户和代理商的双重经验。
• Extremely well versed in interactive marketing and related disciplines
• 精通互动市场领域。
• Currently managing (or have managed) a large strategic marketing communications projects within a client or for a client as part of an agency or consulting network
• 以客户的名义或者作为为客户服务的代理商的一员, 目前正在或曾经管理过大型的市场营销策略项目或网络顾问服务。
• Successful track record of leading/growing ROI-driven accounts
• 有领导和发展ROI客户的成功的经验。
• Thorough understanding of marketing strategy and how this relates to marketing communications
• 很好的理解市场营销策略及其它对营销传播的作用。
• Ability to sell ideas/concepts, preferably with client or partnership sales experience
• 具有贩卖想法和概念的能力, 尤其是给客户或者搭档销售的经验。
• Background in conceptualising, developing and writing marketing strategy documents – knowledge of a difference between objectives, strategies and tactics
• 具有概念化, 发展和撰写市场营销策略文档的背景——区分目标, 战略和策略的知识。
• Can conceptualise the ‘big picture’ in conjunction with the ability to foresee the details
• 能够概念化重点并且具备预知一些细节的能力。
• Superb strategy writing skills –strategy decks, business requirements documents, and post mortem reports
• 极好的战略书写技能—战略平台, 业务要求和解释的报告。
• Strong ability to communicate the ‘big picture’ and tactical details to clients and internal teams
• 具备杰出的能力将重点和战略细节传达到客户和内部的小组。
• Solid verbal and written communication skills, with seasoned presentation skills at the highest client levels
• 具备口头和文字的沟通技巧, 以及 在高层客户中的丰富的表达能力。
• Background in creating and executing integrated marketing communications programs, analysing results, as well as applying program results to future programs
• 具备创造和执行整合营销传播方案, 结果分析以及应用方案的结果为未来的方案的能力。
• Understands and has successfully applied project management principles for complex, multiple phased and lengthy projects, SOW writing, budget and schedule planning, resource planning, and overall execution monitoring
• 理解并且具有成功的 项目应用管理原则, 来为那些复杂的多阶段的长期的项目, 撰写SOW, 计划预算和进度, 计划资源分配, 和整体的执行监控。
• Superb project financials understanding, especially as it pertains to formulating budgets for the costing projects
• 极好的项目财务理解能力, 尤其是涉及成本预算项目的初步预算。
• Capable of thinking like a client, including operational, financial and other challenges which result in marketing or customer management decisions
• 能够以客户的角度思考可操作性的, 财务的以及其他产生市场营销和客户管理方面的决定的挑战。
• Ability to identify and analyse client marketing problems/opportunities
• 具备鉴别和分析客户行销问题和机会的能力。
• Strong analytical skills with proven ability to integrate analytics into successful marketing actions
• 具备很强的分析技巧, 能够整合分析数据制定出成功的行销方案。
• Team player and team leader who is results-oriented, proactive and has a strong work ethic
• 是一个以事实说话, 主动的具备职业道德的团队合作人和团队领导。
• High level of maturity and judgment to represent the agency and client in a polished, intelligent manner
• 以聪明的灵活的方式呈现给客户和代理商高度的成熟感和判断能力。
• Excellent interpersonal skills, with the proven ability to motivate staff, peers and clients
• 杰出的沟通技巧和激励员工, 同事和客户的能力。

If you are interested, please send wendy.wu@nurun.com your CV, kindly refer to this posting on DamnDigital

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