[V]Thoughtful China: 为何大型广告公司前景光明

上周“Thoughtful中国”节目中David Wolf表示全球广告公司模式对于中国乃至全世界市场来说都将变得不合时宜。而本周节目中,我们邀请了嘉宾对其观点进行反驳。Cheil大中华区总裁兼CEO刘伟权Aaron Lau坚信只要持续进行创新变革,全球广告公司网络必将在中国取得成功。

来源: Thoughtful China


  • Cheil Worldwide 大中华区总裁兼CEO,刘伟权 Aaron Lau
This week on “Thoughtful China,” we’re sharing a rebuttal to last week’s episode in which David Wolf argued that the global agency model is increasingly inappropriate for China and perhaps other markets. Aaron Lau, Cheil’s President-CEO, Greater China, argues that global ad agency networks can succeed in China, as long as they continue to focus on innovation.


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