[V]Thoughtful China: 大型广告公司前景如何?

本周“Thoughtful中国”节目中,在华广告公司多年从业者David Wolf分析4A广告公司模式在中国运作失效的原因,在于公司必须快速转型以适应市场高速变革和公司所经历的迅速发展。他将在本期节目中告诉您为何大型广告公司在中国的前景堪忧。

来源: Thoughtful China


  • Allison+Partners 全球中国业务部 董事总经理David Wolf
This week on “Thoughtful China,” China agency veteran David Wolf explains why the 4A ad agency model does not work well in China, where companies are experiencing very high growth and the market evolves quickly, requiring companies to make sudden changes to adapt and grow. Find out why he believes big agencies don’t have a strong future in China on this episode.


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