[V]Thoughtful China: 地域差异


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  • 联合利华中国食品与饮料品牌建设 副总裁Ram Narayan
  • Creative Sherpa创始人兼策略部主管 Linda Kovarik
  • 睿狮广告传播 首席战略官 沈柏屏
  • 星传媒体 人群体验策略总监 Caterina Camerata
  • 尼尔森中国 总监Cindy Yang
Advertisers typically divide China into five or six tiers, starting with sophisticated tier one markets — Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou — and going down to rural villages. There are valid reasons for this but it’s not the whole story. This week on “Thoughtful China,” our guests help you understand some of the regional differences that also determine what Chinese buy and consume.


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