我相信每个设计师都有一个习惯,平时上网的时候收集很多新鲜热辣,刺激眼球,能够启发灵感的图片. 我也是一样.不管是平面设计,工业设计,logo design,concept design 还是时尚摄影, 只要是能让我眼前一亮的图片,统统收入. 我觉得如果大家能够相互分享各自的收集,应该会有完全不同的收获.所以,我想从我做起, 和大家分享一下我的精彩收集, 每一张图片都是精心挑选,能够刺激眼球的东西,希望能够给每个观者带来灵感.

这就是 icok 创意纷享的简单想法. cok取自cook,去掉了一个O,加上 i, 就是自己来烹调食物,请朋友们来享用的意思.

其实这完全不能称作一本杂志, 充其量是一个文件夹, 里面是尺寸大小不一, 完全没有排序, 也完全没有分类的图片而已. 而且谁也不知道第二期什么时候发布,哈哈.也许下一期会有更多内容,音乐,视频,很难说.我也会从其他设计师那里搞一些他们的收集,哈哈.我觉得这是我目前能做的一点事情.希望大家喜欢. 欢迎下载,觉得好的话也推荐给其他朋友吧,好东西要大家分享.

声明: 素材资料完全取自互联网,所以完全免费,非盈利性质,并且遵守Creative Commons. 请勿用做商业用途.

Collecting refreshing, inspiring, and attractive photos/images is a hobby for most designers. So do I. No matter they are industrial, graphic, identity, or concept design, and fashion photography, I will keep them as long as they make me feel cool on sight. It might be more delightful, if we could share our collections. So, I would love to start by myself sharing collections. Each of them is selective, and I hope you can enjoy them.

This is the original thinking of icok. Cok is from cook but without o. Plus I, it means I cook food and ask friends to enjoy.

Actually it’s not a magazine, but an ever-growing archive. There are varies photos without sorting and categories inside. Besides, I am not sure when the next release is. Heehee…Maybe there are music, video, and more stuff. Who knows? I might grab some collections from the other peers. Great things need to be shared and enjoyed!

This is what I can do to contribute to our design community. You are welcome to download, and share them. But please note that those photos/images are all from the Internet and this archive is completely free and non commercial. Copyrights are reserved for original authors. Please contact me if you are not comfortable sharing your photos here.

我是滕磊,也有很多朋友叫我火山大陆或者H++. 欢迎大家来到我的设计世界。
我现在作为用户体验设计师任职于Frogdesign青蛙设计,加入Frog之前曾就职于微软Windows Mobile UX team和微软亚洲工程院设计中心,同时也是产品设计师和设计顾问。希望在这里和大家分享生活中有趣的见闻,好听的音乐,精彩的电影,让人眼前发亮的设计以及我的一些观点。当然,肯定以设计为主要内容,毕竟我是一名设计师,看事情经常从自己职业的角度出发。欢迎大家一起来讨论设计。
Hey, I’m Teng Lei, welcome to my Volcano Land.
I ‘m working for Frogdesign as a User Experience Designer now. and I have been worked for Microsoft Windows Mobile UX team and Microsoft ATC Studios. I’m also is a Product Designer and Design Consultant.So I will share some interesting things in my life with you, and good music, great movies, amazing design. I also will give some comments from design perspective.Ok. enjoy design here.


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