[V]Thoughtful China: 市场营销者解读中国的五大误区

中国消费者经历了巨大的经济及文化转型,这塑造了他们定义自己的方式。他们对社会整体的影响以及他们购买品牌的方式。要紧跟这些变化十分困难。本周Thoughtful中国我们将与扬罗必凯(Y&R)全球规划总监Sandy Thompson一起探讨关于企业对于中国消费者的一些误解。

来源: Thoughtful China


  • 扬罗必凯(Y&R)全球规划总监,Sandy Thompson
China’s consumers have experienced tremendous economic and cultural transformations that shape how they define themselves, their impact on society at large, and how they consume brands.This week on “Thoughtful China,” Trevor Lai interviews Sandy Thompson, Young & Rubicam’s Global Planning Director about common misconceptions among advertisers about local consumers.


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